New Integration Solutions in GeneXus 15

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Simplifying Interoperation between different Business Systems has always been one of GeneXus™ major concerns, that’s why we’re adding a new set of tools that will help developers swiftly integrate systems. SAP HANA DB support, and OpenAPI (fka Swagger) import and export, join the ranks of an already large set of integration options inside GeneXus™.


SAP Hana DB has been added to the list of supported Database Management Systems (DBMS).

The main reasons for supporting SAP HANA are as follows:

  • To have, for the first time, an in-memory, column-oriented DB available in GeneXus.
  • To provide a powerful development tool such as GeneXus to users who want to use this DBMS.

SAP Hana DB is used by SAP itself in its SAP ERP platform and offered as part of the services of SAP Cloud Platform.

More Information: SAP HANA DatabaseHow to use SAP HANA database on SAP Cloud Platform (Deprecated by SAP)How to use SAP HANA Database on SAP Business Technology Platform

OpenAPI Specification: Providing and consuming REST Services

REST Services have become the standard protocol for interoperation between Business Systems, and JSON the standard format of the messages to be sent and received.

RESTful applications are widely used in different kinds of solutions because they are simple, lightweight, and fast. As a consequence, there's an obvious need that the service providers and consumers converge on how to describe the REST APIs. They are very similar to the already standardized WSDL for SOAP web services.

In this case, the OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger Specification) is a solution for solving the standardization problem of REST APIs. Therefore, consumers of RestFul services use OpenAPI as a standardized way of interacting with Rest APIs. 

GeneXus 15 makes interoperation using REST easy in two ways: It provides a OpenAPI Inspector (Tools / Application Integration / Open API Import) and the REST API exposed by your Business Solution is also documented automatically following the OpenAPI Specification. 


More Information: OpenAPI import tool, Documenting RESTFul services