Trial Version Limitations

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The GeneXus Trial Version is completely functional and the available generator (.NET and Smart Devices) is authorized with a single Site Key (which expires 60 days after activation). However, some restrictions apply to the maximum number of GeneXus objects and attributes that may be created for a given Knowledge Base:

  • 90 attributes
  • 250 objects



It can be locally installed for a single user. Check GeneXus Trial: License Agreement for more details



The generated applications have server-side components that in this version can only be run on web servers (Cloud Computing) provided by GeneXus International. For them to be run locally or on corporate platforms (on-premise), the Full version is required. The GeneXus Trial will expire 60 days after it has been requested, and the same applies to the application(s) and database(s) created by the user and residing in the prototyping server.