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The table below describes the main GeneXusAI features per release. It's highly recommended to use the last available version.

GeneXus 16 - Beta channel

Date: By night-build.
Version: 2.5.X
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What's new.
  • KeyPhrases procedure is available for SAP provider (2.5.5).
  • Integration with custom models for Classify procedure added (2.5.5).
  • Production Environment support for SAP added (2.5.5).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 5 - Preview channel

Date: Aug 21, 2019
Version: 1.5.X
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What's new.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 4

Date: Jun 21, 2019
Version: 1.4.X

What's new.
  • Support for Alibaba AI (1.4.4).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 3

Date: Apr 10, 2019
Version: 1.3.X

What's new.
  • DetectLanguage is fixed after SAP provider change the endpoint for Language Identifier service (1.3.1).
  • Support for Baidu AI (1.3.2).
  • Microsoft's service endpoint change from Bing Speech to Speech (1.3.2).
    - New service is used for SpeechToText and TextToSpeech tasks.
    - Bing Speech service will be deprecated on October 15, 2019. New users are not able to generate an API-key for this service.
    - This change is non-backward compatible, so you must generate a new API-key for Speech service.
  • DetectFaces is fixed after SAP provider change the endpoint for Face Detection service (1.3.3).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 2

Date: Feb 5, 2019
Version: 1.2.5

What's new.
  • Support for Amazon Web Services (1.2.1).
  • Support for Tencent AI (1.2.1).
  • Reduce GXAI500X error verbosity; only code/description are displayed (1.2.1).
  • Package size has been reduced (1.2.1).
  • Image.DetectObject returns an OutputRegion with top, left, width and height fields properly set -- .NET/Java only, .NET Core is still limited (1.2.1).
  • Translation task now is idempotent, avoiding making unnecessaries request (2.3.3).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 1

Date: Nov 30, 2018
Version: 1.1.8

What's new.
  • Upload multimedia to the server-side manually is no longer necessary (1.1.8).
  • SpeechToText for IBM supports mp3, mp4, wav, ogg, flac and webm audio files without applying conversion (1.1.8).
  • Support for Google Cloud AI (1.1.10).
  • Video module includes Process and Analyze task (1.1.11).
  • DetectFaces support for SAP Leonardo (1.1.11).
  • OCR with noisy images supports for SAP Leonardo (1.1.11).
  • OutputAnalysis data type adds a 'Progress' field based on a Percentage domain (with a value in the range of [0..100]) whose aim is to poll for the progress status of the processed video (1.1.12).
  • IBM authentication by Key added for SpeechToText, TextToSpeech, ExtractEntities, KeyPhrases and SentimentAnalysis (1.1.13).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

GeneXus 16 Upgrade 0

Date: Sep 24, 2018
Version: 1.0.6

What's new.
  • Support for IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and SAP Leonardo.
  • SAP Leonardo does not support production environment (only sandbox).
  • Support for Java, .NET and .NET Core generators.
  • Support for Android and iOS online applications.
  • Audio module includes SpeechToText and TextToSpeech tasks.
  • Image module includes Classify, DetectFaces, DetectObjects, DetectScene and OCR tasks.
  • Text module includes DetectLanguage, ExtractEntities, KeyPhrases, SentimentAnalysis and Translate tasks.
  • Improvements and bug fixes after beta release.


This document applies as of GeneXus 16.

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