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Represents the output data in the data-set in the context of the GeneXus Cognitive API for custom models.


  • LabelLabel, GeneXusAI
  • Region (structure) -- Describes a bounding-box
    • Top: Numeric(4.0)
    • Left: Numeric(4.0)
    • Width: Numeric(4.0) 
    • Height: Numeric(4.0)
  • Numeric: Numeric(18.5)
  • ConfidenceConfidence, GeneXusAI (read-only)


  • When it is used in Data data type, it represents the output row for a single data in your data-set.
  • The value of Features[k] represents the k-value (o k-column) of a single input data (row).
  • Features' field count must be equal to the Definition Features' field count.
  • When it is used as the output of Predict procedure, Region's fields will be -1 if no region was returned.


AI Task Predict procedure
Data Types  Data data type
Generators .NET.NET FrameworkJavaAppleAndroid


This data type is available as of GeneXus 16 upgrade 6.

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