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Indicates the possible set of Provider.Property.key names in the context of GeneXus Cognitive API.


The description of a key name indicates which value must have the Provider.Property.value field.

Account Service account identifier.
Deploy Service deploy identifier for custom models.
Id Service application identifier.
Key Service access API key.
SecretKey Service access secret key.
Username Service access username.
Password  Service access password for a username.
ModelId Custom model identifier.
ModelVersion  Custom model version.
ModelCredential  Custom model access credential.

Refer to Required Credentials by Task document for a summary of what configuration properties are required on each case. These properties are also specified on the "Configuration" section of each GeneXusAI's procedure.


  • For Amazon provider, the Access Key must be indicated with the PropertyKey.Key value.


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This domain is available as of GeneXus 16.

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