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Enumerated domain representing a locale (or language localization) in the context of the GeneXus Cognitive API.


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Arabic_Arabic Arabic (Arabic) ar-AR
Arabic_Egypt Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG
Arabic_SaudiArabia Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA
Bulgarian Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG
Cantonese_HongKong Cantonese (Traditional, Hong Kong) yue-HK
Cantonese_Macao Cantonese (Traditional, Macao) yue-MO
Catalan Catalan (Spain) ca-ES
Chinese Chinese (Simplified, Mainland) zh-CN
Chinese_HongKong Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong) zh-HK
Chinese_Singapore Chinese (Traditional, Singapore) zh-SG
Chinese_Taiwan Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-TW
Croatian_BosniaAndHerzegovina Croatian (Bosnia And Herzegovina) hr-BA
Croatian_Croatia Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR
Czech Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
Danish Danish (Denmark) da-DK
Dutch_Belgium Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE
Dutch_Netherlands Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
English_Australia English (Australia) en-AU
English_Canada English (Canada) en-CA
English_India English (India) en-IN
English_Ireland English (Ireland) en-IE
English_Jamaica English (Jamaica) en-JM
English_NewZeland English (New Zeland) en-NZ
English_UnitedKingdom English (United Kingdom) ca_GB
English_UnitedStates English (UnitedStates) en-US
Finnish Finnish (Finland) fi-FI
French_Canada French (Canada) fr-CA
French_France French (France) fr-FR
French_Switzerland French (Switzerland) fr-CH
German_Austria German (Austria) de-AT
German_Germany German (Germany) de-DE
German_Switzerland German (Switzerland) de-CH
Greek Greek (Greece) el-GR
Hebrew Hebrew (Israel) he-IL
Hindi Hindi (India) hi-IN
Hungarian Hungarian (Hungria) hu-HU
Icelandic Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS
Indonesian Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID
Italian Italian (Italy) it-IT
Japanese Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
Korean Korean (Korea) ko-KR
Malay Malay (Malasia) ms-MY
Mandarin Mandarin (Simplified, Mainland) cmn-CN
Mandarin_Singapore Mandarin (Simplified, Singapore) cmn-SG
Norwegian Norwegian (Norway) nb-NO
Polish Polish (Poland) pl-PL
Portuguese_Brasil Portuguese (Brasil) pt-BR
Portuguese_Portugal Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Romanian Romanian (Romania) ro-RO
Russian Russian (Russia) ru-RU
Slovak Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK
Slovenian Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI
Spanish_LatinAmerica Spanish (Latin America) es-LA
Spanish_Mexico Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Spanish_Spain Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Spanish_UnitedStates Spanish (United States) es-US
Swedish Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE
Tamil Tamil (India) ta-IN
Thai Thai (Thailand) th-TH
Turkish Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR
Vietnamese Vietnamese (Viet Nam) vi-VN
Welsh Welsh (United Kindom) cy-GB


  • This domain is more specific than Language domain.
  • Not every locale is available for every Provider. In such case, GeneXusAI will raise an GXAI4017 code with the information needed.
  • If some locale is not available on the domain definition for your upgrade installation, you can add it at runtime by using FromString method.
    e.g.: &locale.FromString(!"xx-XX"), being xx-XX a valid locale code.



This domain is available as of GeneXus 16.

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