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This document is a quick overview of a very simple Windows 8 Application generated with GeneXus X Evolution 3. It’s based on My First Windows 8 Application and the design is 100% default; no design work was done to improve the application UX.

It was run using a PC with Windows 8 Enterprise installation, mouse and keyboard. So, if you’re using a “touch enabled” device (e.g. surface) “clicks” are “taps”, etc.

Note: If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, check out this one

Splash Window

This is the default splash window while the application is loaded:

Run W8 Application 1

Dashboard view (Database is empty)

It includes both “work with” screens generated, i.e. Companies and Customers.

Run W8 Application 2

Right-clicking on it shows the Application Bar to “insert” a Company or a Customer (for now, both actions are identified with the same text: GXM_insert)

Run W8 Application 3

Clicking on the circles above or on the labels “Companies” or “Customer” the corresponding “List” is displayed:

Run W8 Application 4

Inserting an entity (e.g. company)

In this example the list is empty. To insert an item, such as a company, right-click on the list:

Run W8 Application 5

and use the action “+ GXM_Insert” shown below.

The form to insert is shown:

Run W8 Application 6

complete the data:

Run W8 Application 7

Right-click on it and the actions “Save” and “Cancel” will be displayed:

Run W8 Application 71

Save and the application returns to the list showing the company which was just added to the list:

Run W8 Application 8

To update the company added, just click on the corresponding company name (row) and the detail is displayed:

Run W8 Application 9

Right-clicking on it will display the actions “update” (edit) and “delete”:

Run W8 Application 10

Selecting “update” displays the following form to update data.

Run W8 Application 11

Editing more complex forms

The above form was a simple one, but you can have more complex forms. In this example, Customer detail includes phone number, image, address, etc. This is implemented by using “Semantic Domains” and pickers (for ex. to choose an image):

Run W8 Application 13

Navigating the application/data

Once data has been added, let’s go back to the dashboard. It shows the “Companies” list (left) and “Customers” list (right):

Run W8 Application 14

Scrolling to the right shows more info about Customers:

Run W8 Application 15

Clicking on a company shows its details. In this case, the information about “GeneXus” and its customer is shown:

Run W8 Application 16

Click on a customer (for ex Zeta) to show this Customer's details:

Run W8 Application 17

Integrated with the environment (Windows 8 and applications installed)

This is the Zeta customer detail:

Run W8 Application 18

Clicking on the small icons (phone, envelope, etc) triggers an action.

Since Skype is installed, it is started once you click on the “phone” icon:

Run W8 Application 19

Clicking on “envelope” displays all the applications which are able to send an email:

Run W8 Application 20

Clicking on the “map balloon” icon starts the maps application:

Run W8 Application 21

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