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Deprecated since: GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 3. 


Enables the developer to select a PC where the Windows 8 generated code is copied in order to compile and run it.
It is useful when a Windows 8 application is being developed using a non Windows 8.1 PC.


Empty Windows 8 code is generated locally and not copied to another PC. This is the default value.
Path It is the full path where the Windows 8 code will be copied once it has been generated.


When a "build" (F8) is executed the Windows 8 sources are locally generated (e.g. C:\MyKB\RubyModel\mobile\Win8\). If this property is set to something different to empty (e.g. \\MyWin8PC\Apps) those sources are copied to that path under <UserName> folder (e.g. \\MyWin8PC\Apps\MyUser\MyKBVersion).

The application must be manually compiled and executed using Visual Studio, which must be installed on the target PC. 

Note: if Run (F5) is executed instead of Build (F8) a message similar to the following will be displayed:

\========== Win8 Execution started ==========
warning: Win8 application will not run by its own.
warning: Go to \\MyWin8PC\Apps and run the app yourself.
Win8 Execution Failed

Remember that using Windows 8 on your development PC is better to generate this kind of applications and you don't need to set this property or install Visual Studio. Check Windows 8 Requirements.


This property is available as of GeneXus Tilo Beta 1.

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