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Controls whether the flex container is single-line or multi-line, and the direction of the cross axis.


No Wrap Default value. Controls will not wrap.
Wrap Controls will wrap if necessary.
Wrap Reverse Controls will wrap, if necessary, in reverse order.


This property applies to containers and controls and specifies what happens when children overflow the size of the container along the main-axis of the layout container.

The following examples have as main-axis the row (column axis is analogous).

No Wrap value
Wrap value
Wrap Reverse value

FlexWrap domain

Possible flex wrap options for setting the FlexWrap property at runtime. 

Note: FlexWrap property is only available at runtime for a Grid control with Control Type property as 'SD Flex Grid' or Custom Render property as 'Flex'.

NoWrap No wrap content.
Wrap Wrap content.
WrapReverse Wrap content in reverse order.


  • 'Autogrow' concept does not apply to flex containers when this property is different from "No Wrap".
  • 'Pagination' concept does not apply to flex grid when this property is different from "No Wrap".

Runtime/Design time

This property applies both at run-time and at design-time.


This property is available since GeneXus 15 upgrade 12.


Platforms: Web(.Net, Java), Smart Devices(IOS)
Controls: Grid, Table

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