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GeneXus X Evolution 2 has been released! 
Please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 for general info.

If you already know all about  Beta 2 and its latest Night builds  you are in the right place, if not, please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 first.

This page is intended to show just differences between Beta 2 and Beta 3.

Beta 3

Beta 3 is a major step towards GeneXus X Evolution 2 since it adds broader multi platform support, letting the user define layouts per platform and including more functionalities on the three supported operating systems. Actions and nested actions support has been improved letting the user define the transitions he wants. It also brings forth more power for designing and customizing an application's look and feel: the developer can define themes to get the look he wants. More controls have been added and new ones can be created by the community. There are new extensibility points in order to create a richer platform to develop Smart Devices Applications.

More specifically, Beta 3 adds to Beta 2 the following

New featues for Smart Devices:

  • Layouts definition per platform: For example in Tablet applications you may want to show more information than in phone applications. More...
  • Themes for Smart Devices (iOS, Android, first bits in BlackBerry too). More...
  • Master View of lists. More...
  • Static translation in Smart Devices
  • New methods in smart devices api (SDActions.Return(), Save() and Cancel(), Interop.PlayVideo() and ScanBarcode()). More...
  • New controls on lists: TextBlock, Image, Button. More...
  • Actions: new Default Action property. Images on buttons. Calls to web objects.
  • Improved user experience: Errors and Messages of Business Components are shown
  • Advanced filters (Android) More...
  • Several ways to show a Dashboard (Android, iOS) More...
  • Extensibility: User Controls can be created by the Community (iOS). More...
  • New property to set Navigation style in iPad: Navigation style can be Flip or Split. More...
  • Audio Domain is supported in Blackberry. More...
  • Services URL can be set in runtime in iOS. More...
  • First bits of SD Chart Control (iOS) More ...
  • Multiple Selection in Lists More...

Features that now are supported in more platforms

  • Java
  • Java and .NET
    • Integrated security (GAM) in SQL Server and MySQL
    iOS and BlackBerry
    • Entry Panels 
    • Integrated security (GAM)
    • Interop.SendMessage() .More...
    • more User Controls (Image Gallery, Scanner, Rating) .More...


  • Web: Integrated Security (GAM)
    • Login with Facebook, Gxtechnical
    • Security grants per application, user, etc.
    • More GAM sample objects are installed when you use it.
  • Web: Runtime Performance
  • GXserver: Partial update support

And a lot of fixes and improvements to existing features. (See GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds)

Take a look at the GeneXus X Evolution 2 Samples to get the most out of this version.

Keep following the Twitter hashtag #xev2beta to get instant news.

And now, let's keep making ideas happen!

Steps to update your Beta 2 to  Beta 3

1) Download Beta 3 from

2) Install GeneXus and run it. 

3) Execute <GX Installation directory>\gxruby\win\install.bat (if not: webrick won't start)

4) Enjoy!

5) Learn  from provided  Examples.

6) Keep sending feedback to the Beta testers Forum and stay tuned.

Beta 3 Temporary restrictions

Take a look here.

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