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A Module is a GeneXus object designed — as explained in Modules — to make it easier to understand, maintain, integrate, and share knowledge.

Modules do not change the Data Model; in other words, the Data Model is global to the Knowledge Base.

Please read the articles HowTo: Creating a Module Object and HowTo: Opening a Module Object if this is your first time using this object.


Qualified Name
Object Visibility
Module Manager Information
Package Name
Module Version
Module Description
Module Author
Module License URL
Module Project URL
Module Server URL
Module Tags
Module Owner
Module Resources

Visualizing a Module

In order of knowing a module's content and how it is integrated into the KB, the following options are available

KB Explorer

As a Folder object, a Module is shown as a node in the tree, in the KB Explorer, and it contains other GeneXus objects.

Work With Objects Tool Window

The Work With Objects tool window can be used to display a detailed list of all objects which are part of the module.

For this, configure the following filters on it:

  • Type = *All
  • Module/Folder = <Module name>
  • All descendant = True

Module Object Parts

Furthermore, when you open the module, you can view its interface, view a diagram showing how it interacts with the rest of the KB, and edit its documentation

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