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A Module is a GeneXus object designed — as explained in Modules — to make it easier to understand, maintain, integrate, and share knowledge.

Modules do not change the Data Model; in other words, the Data Model is global to the Knowledge Base.

Please read the articles HowTo: Create a Module Object and HowTo: Open a Module Object if this is your first time using this object.


Visualizing a Module

In order of knowing a module's content and how it is integrated into the KB, the following options are available

KB Explorer

As a Folder object, a Module is shown as a node in the tree, in the KB Explorer, and it contains other GeneXus objects.

Work With Objects Tool Window

The Work With Objects tool window can be used to display a detailed list of all objects which are part of the module.

For this, configure the following filters on it:

  • Type = *All
  • Module/Folder = <Module name>
  • All descendant = True

Module Object Parts

Furthermore, when you open the module, you can view its interface, view a diagram showing how it interacts with the rest of the KB, and edit its documentation

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