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When working on an application Module a developer should decide how it will be used by other modules. This is known as the Module's interface. It basically describes which module objects can be accessed by other modules.

A Module Interface is described by setting the value of the Object Visibility property of its objects.

Tips on how to defining the interface#

An interface must be easy to use and to learn, and hard to misuse. It must be kept in mind that its main purpose is to expose a set of functionalities in order to satisfy a set of requirements. It is adviced to be thought to keep it easy to read, mantain and extend, the best way in doing so is keeping it simple. 

  • Use the Module Interface Tab to have a clearer vision of the interface.
  • Keep it well documented, it is the 'face' of the Module, it should be easy to understand by anyone.
  • Keep it simple, minimize changes. Keep in mind though that it will possibly change, therefore make changes as friendly as possible.
  • Use decriptive names — for objects, methods, parameters, etc.
    And consistently name them.
  • The implementation details should not be exposed in the interface.

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