HowTo: Add an object to a Module

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This document explains how to add an object to a Module and provides a brief overview about it.

There are many ways of adding GeneXus objects to a Module object. Below is a list of the most common and easiest ways to do so. To see a list of which objects can belong to a Module object, read the article Which objects can be defined in a module?.

New Object

A new Object can be added to a Module Object by editing the Module/Folder option in the GeneXus Objects dialog. By default, this property will have its value set to the Root module, but if the dialog is opened and a different Module Object is selected in the KB Explorer, the property will be automatically set to the selected Module Object.

The Module/Folder option is shown in the following image:


Existing object

An existing object can be added/moved to a Module by:

Note: Once an object is moved to or created in a Module, it will be part of its Interface if the Object Visibility property is set to Public.

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