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Module Objects and Folder objects are used to organize objects in a Knowledge Base. Together, they create a hierarchy tree whose root is the Root module. The hierarchy is shown in the KB Explorer. There are, however, conceptual differences between Modules and Folders.


A Module is a GeneXus object designed to make it easier to understand, maintain and integrate a Knowledge Base.

• Understanding: Using Modules, developers can model how they logically break down a large, Enterprise wide, Knowledge Base.
• Maintenance: Modules can be used to clearly define how its functionality must be used and hide how it is implemented.
• Integration: Using Modules, developers can focus on their area of expertise and seamlessly interact with other modules

The use of modules does not change the data model.

This allows different objects to have the same Name property value if they are in different Modules.

  • Modules may have child Folders but Folders cannot have child Modules

How to decide whether to use a Folder or a Module

Use Modules for encapsulation. Use Folders for organization within Modules.

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