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The Module object is designed to simplify the following aspects of a Knowledge Base:


You can model how you logically break down a large, Enterprise-wide, Knowledge Base. You can also model each Module's interface, making it easy to understand how they are supposed to be used.


Besides making a Knowledge Base easy to understand, Modules can be used to clearly define how its functionality must be used and hide how it is implemented. See Object Visibility property for details.


You can focus on your area of expertise and seamlessly interact with other modules. Merging Knowledge Bases using Modules is now easier. See Modules - Object names for details.

Discovery, Sharing & Reuse

By sharing (packaging and publishing) Modules to a Modules Server, they can be reused by teammates or colleagues company-wide or globally. Packaged modules make clear who maintains a module and under what license those modules are published. Read Modules Distribution in GeneXus for details.

Build times

Packaged modules, installed as Module References in the KB do not need to be generated again.


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