CallOptions Transitions

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CallOptions are used to specify at runtime the transitions, behavior, and position in a call to a particular Panel object.
With the transitions, you can change the way a Panel enters and the way it leaves the screen.

Transition effects between Panels are pre-defined and can be any of these:

  • Default (default effect for the platform)
  • CurlUp
  • CurlDown
  • FlipFromLeft
  • FlipFromRight
  • SlideDown
  • SlideUp
  • SlideLeft
  • SlideRight
  • PushUp
  • PushDown
  • PushLeft
  • PushFromRight
  • Fade
  • None (no effect)

All these options are listed in an enumerated domain called Effect and are assigned to the Panels in the Form class as explained in the document: HowTo: Use Transitions in Mobile applications.

NOTE: Curl and Flip only work on iOS.


If for some reason you don't want to use the transition defined in the class "Form" theme for the Panel, you can change that behavior at runtime.


<ObjectName>.CallOptions.EnterEffect = Effect.<Name of the effect>  
<ObjectName>.CallOptions.ExitEffect = Effect.<Name of the effect>


Panel.CallOptions.EnterEffect = Effect.FlipFromLeft
Panel.CallOptions.ExitEffect = Effect.FlipFromRight