Matrix theme-class for Smart Devices

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The visual configuration of the Matrix Grid Control is set from this specific classes in the theme.
The class property in the Appearance section indicates the class associated with the control.


Matrix Class on the theme

The images show the appearance of the control based on the values ​​set in the properties.

Control Properties:

Property Value
X-Axis Height 40 dip
Y-Axis Width 105 dip
Data Cell Height 66 dip
Selected Row Height 130 dip
Data Cell Width 115 dip


Selected Row Table Class and Cell Table Class Properties:


Selected Row Table Class

  • Background Image: Orange Image

Selected Row Cell Table Class

  • Background Image: Orange Image
  • Padding Top: 5 dip
  • Padding Bottom: 5 dip


Even Row Table Class and Odd Row Table Class Properties:



Axis lables and Cell Table Classes



Margin, border and separators

Property Value
Margin top 5 dip
Margin Bottom 5 dip
Margin Right 10 dip
Margin Left 10 dip
Horizontal Line Separator Red Line
Border Style Solid
Border Color Green
Border Width 2 dip
Border Radius 5 dip