Unofficial Content

Stencils are compositions of GUI controls. Stencils help you to:

  1. Reuse the visual design of a table in multiple panels by wrapping it as a Stencil. Watch Video (49s)
  2. Quickly change the design of a table, by searching for already designed Stencils that contain the same controls. Watch Video (38s)
  3. Design for both Web and Smart Devices while maintaing conceptual unity. Watch Video (36s)
  4. Create and design a new panel quickly by searching and using the GeneXus Visual Language. See sample below.
  5. Create a visual language and export it to use in related apps.
  6. Unwrap a Stencil to focus only in the design of the current panel.

Samples you can try right away

  • BitNews - Find the lastest news on CryptoCurrencies while trying out Stencils.

Coming soon... GeneXus Visual Language

A visual language inspired on Material Design.