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The Home Floorplan is a set of templates that provide a startup page for your app. It is automatically generated by GeneXus when the startup Wizard finishes.

How to use it

If you have never applied the FioriMobile Pattern on your KB, read GeneXus for SAP Fiori Mobile Pattern. On the other hand, once you create a Panel object, the following window will be displayed showing a group of categories, each one offering templates.


- Launchpad


By default, the Launchpad comes with dummy tiles (tiles without any information regarding your app).

In order to add items to the menu, you have to go to the Fiori Mobile Instance properties window and set the Include in Slide menu property to True.

The tiles are added by default when a template is applied to a Transaction or SD Panel. To choose whether you want the tiles or not, you have to go to the Fiori Mobile Instance properties window and set the Include in launchpad property to False / True.


In the Launchpad Tile node you can customize your tile by changing the following properties:

  • Title: Allows to set the text to be used as the Tile Title.
  • Information: Allows to enter the text to be used as the Tile Information.
  • Image: Allows to indicate the image to be used as Icon(Information Tile) or as Background(Image Tile).
  • Size: Allows to set the tile size. It can be One Block (One Tile size) or Two Blocks (the size of two blocks one next to another).
  • Type: Allows to set the tile type. It can be Image Tile (uses the image as background and the information and title are displayed on a label) or Information (the default tile).
  • Position: Allows to set the position of the tile on the launchpad.

If you want to add tiles manually you have to open the <YourApplicationName>HomeLaunchpadDP Data Provider:


Then, you need to delete the existing tiles and add new ones.

To add a tile, you have to insert the next code:

        Name = !"FioriDevicesCustomer"
        Description = "Customer"
        Information = "Customer"
        Link = !"sd:FioriDevicesCustomer.Customer.List"
        IconSD = MaleUser.Link()
        IconSD = &Image
        TileSize = TileSize.OneBlock
        TileType = TileType.Image
        OrderIndex = 1

Finally, go to the CompilationDummyEvent event of <YourApplicationName>Home SD Panel. Once there, you have to call all the components called at the Data Provider:




  • To call an SD panel, use the typical call: SDPanelSample()
  • To call a WorkWithDevice panel, use: WorkWithDevicesCountry.Country.List(), where Country is the transaction which has the WW is related to it.

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