GeneXus for SAP Fiori Mobile Pattern - Login Floorplan

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The Login Floorplan is a set of templates that allow you to include authentication on your app.

This article explains how to apply it to a Panel object.

How to apply it

If you have never applied the FioriMobile Pattern on your KB, read GeneXus for SAP Fiori Mobile Pattern. On the other hand, once you create a Panel for Smart Devices, the following window will be displayed showing a group of categories, each one offering templates.


If you select the Login category, three templates are shown and you can select one to be applied to the Panel for Smart Devices:



2. Login with logo


3. Login with register


Another way to apply a category template to a Panel for Smart Devices is the following: Open an existing Panel for Smart Devices, then right-click and select Apply FioriMobile template to control:


How to customize it

In order to customize the action that will be executed when the Login button is pressed, you need to go to the Events section of your login panel and modify the login event.


To modify the register user action you need to modify the CreateUser.Tap event

How to incorporate it into your App

To incorporate this into your app read Genexus for SAP Fiori Mobile Pattern - Menu Floorplan

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