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Represents a string label in the context of GeneXus Artificial Intelligence. The semantics depends on the AI task used.

A label is a category (discrete value) which is distinguishable from others. In other words, acts as an identifier. For example a place, an object, a language, etc.


ExtractEntities procedure A named entity (e.g. 'Bay of Montevideo' as a place).
DetectFaces procedure A person name or identifier (e.g. 'Tom Hanks').
DetectLanguage procedure  A language identifier (e.g. 'en' for English).
DetectObjects procedure An object name (e.g. 'car', 'table', etc).
DetectScene procedure An image feature (e.g. 'landscape' or 'crowd').
KeyPhrases procedure A relevant word o phrase (e.g. 'customer' in an organizational context).


AI Task ExtractEntities procedureDetectFaces procedureDetectLanguage procedureDetectObjects procedureDetectScene procedure,  KeyPhrases procedure
Platforms  Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)


This domain is available as of GeneXus 16.