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Represents a labeled confidence region in the context of GeneXus Artificial Intelligence.

A region is a rectangle area defined by its upper left corner (top-left coordinates) and its width/height values. It is said to be 'confidence labeled' because the region can be tagged and can indicate a confidence for it (along with the delimited region predicted itself). The region also admits extra information about the region, e.g. the estimated age of a person face region.


  • LabelLabel, GeneXusAI
  • ConfidenceConfidence, GeneXusAI
  • Top: Numeric(8.0)
  • Left: Numeric(8.0)
  • Height: Numeric(8.0)
  • Width: Numeric(8.0)
  • Info: Collection -- Additional data on key-value pairs
    • Property: VarChar(40)
    • Value: VarChar(40)


AI Task DetectFaces procedure, DetectObjects procedure, OCR procedureAnalyze procedure
Platforms Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)


This data type is available as of GeneXus 16.

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