GeneXus and SAP UI5

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When we design applications using GeneXus for SAP System, we have the Fiori pattern which follows the Fiori design guides by implementing the floorplans defined in them (today we have the main ones and this is an incremental work where we will be incorporating new ones to the extent of their needs).

But when we are going to design a particular object and its User Interface, although we have the Theme Fiori, in terms of atomic controls, many times the SAP user (in fact the Developer based on what the SAP user expects or based on the mockup you receive), want to be able to use SAP UI5 controls.

Two kinds of SAP UI5 controls can be used in GeneXus. The UI5 WebCompnent, an HTML5 web components library based on OpenUI5 (the SAPUI5 open source and free version), and the SAPUI5 library itself, which is the one used by independent developers to build graphic interfaces.

SAP is migrating little by little and in an incremental process, the traditional SAP UI5 controls, to the new paradigm UI5 web components, therefore today SAP UI5 web components are a subset of traditional SAP UI5.

In GeneXus, User Controls can be developed under both paradigms (obviously it is easier to develop a UC based on UI5 web components), we will explain how to do it in both cases.

If the Control to include has already been developed by SAP as a UI5 web component, we suggest using this (SAP ui5-webcomponents), otherwise, opt for the second option (SAPUI5 library)

1. GeneXus and SAP UI5 web component

2. GeneXus and SAP UI5 library