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Deploys a custom model, making it available to be used for prediction.



The following table resumes the configuration properties (access credentials) you must set in order to use this AI task.

ProviderType Key
Alibaba -
Amazon -
Baidu -
Google  -
Microsoft Custom Vision Training
Tencent -


  • Calling this task makes sense after you call the Train procedure and the Check procedure returns a State.Ready state.
  • Once you call this task successfully, you will be able to call Predict procedure or the appropriate task by adding  ModelId and  ModelVersion properties to &provider configuration.
  • IBM provider: Implicity deploys your model after training. In other words, you do not need to call this task for deploying your model. If you call this task in this scenario, you will receive a GXAI6001 message.


Platforms  Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity  Online


This procedure is available as of GeneXus 16 upgrade 6.

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