Service Bus and Queue Storage triggered Azure functions

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Service Bus trigger functions and Queue Storage trigger functions are other types of Azure Functions.

Queue Storage

The Queue storage trigger runs functions as messages are added to Azure Queue storage.
The Trigger Type property at the deployment unit should be "Queue" for this kind of function.

Service Bus

You use the Service Bus trigger to respond to messages from a Service Bus queue or topic.
The Trigger Type property at the deployment unit should be "Service Bus" for this kind of function.

Deployment steps

First, read How to: create a GeneXus procedure to be deployed as an Azure Function.
To deploy the function, use the deployment tool. See Deploy to Azure Functions.

Function Configuration

The function's configuration depends on its Trigger type.


In the case of Service Bus, it can be "Queue" or "Topic," and it has different configuration settings for each one.
See the following examples:

Trigger Type Service Bus Topic example
Trigger Type Service Bus Queue example


In the case of Queue Trigger type, the configuration settings are as shown in the following image taken from an example:

Trigger Type Queue example