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They are timed functions. One possible scenario is using them to update the merchandise inventory or the redundancies of a DB.

The Trigger type property at the deployment unit should be "Timer" for this kind of functions.

Deploy steps

To start, read HowTo: Create a GeneXus Procedure to be deployed as an Azure or AWS Function.
To deploy the function, use the deployment tool. See HowTo: Deploy as Azure Functions.

Function configuration: Scheduling the function

The time can be configured using an Ncrontab expression, or a TimeSpan expression.

The GeneXus property to configure the cron Time is:

  • "Schedule Time format", whose values are: {"Time value expression","App setting property name and value"}.

If the first option is selected, you have to configure:

  • "Schedule Time value" property.

Otherwise, configure the app setting name and value to be defined in the cloud, through the "App setting property name" and "App setting property value" properties. The app setting is automatically defined in the cloud by the deploy engine.


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