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Picture group in the properties window

Makes it easier to create pictures (masks or edition formats) on attributes or variables, and provides the possibility of selecting “pre-established pictures” in the attribute/variable definition.


To define a picture, you have the "Picture" group in the properties window, which shows the options available, depending on the type of data selected when the attribute/variable was defined.


  • Left Fill: It indicates how to display the non-significant zeros for a number (the zeros to the left of the number).
  • Thousand Separator: It determines whether to include a separator for thousands or not.
  • Prefix: It is the text to be placed before the number.
  • Picture: Defines the output format, filling leading zeroes with Zs.

Character and VarChar

  • Case: It indicates how to show and store the text. There are two values: "None" and "Upper". The first doesn't apply restrictions, and the second only allows you to load upper case text in the attribute or variable. Case applies only to Character and VarChar data types.


  • Date Format: Determines the date format (basically, whether to display 2 or 4 digits for the year).
  • Hour Format: Determines the hour format.

Characters meaning

  • X - any character
  • @! - All uppercase
  • ! - single character uppercase
  • 9 - a digit
  • Z - a digit (blank when is a leading zero)
  • ( ) - indicates negative values are displayed between parenthesis and positive values remain the same. For example, for picture (99.9)  value 12 will be displayed as 12 and value -12 as (12)


The picture 9999 for character type fields in smart devices, is available as of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3.

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