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The Module object is designed to simplify the following aspects of a Knowledge Base:

  • Understanding

Using Modules, you can model how you logically break down a large, Enterprise-wide, Knowledge Base. You can also model each Module's interface, making it easy to understand how modules are supposed to be used.

  • Maintenance

Besides making a Knowledge Base easy to understand, Modules can be used to clearly define how its functionality must be used and hide how it is implemented. See Object Visibility property for details.

  • Integration

Using Modules, you can focus on your area of expertise and seamlessly interact with other modules. Merging Knowledge Bases using Modules is now easier. See Modules - Object names for details.

  • Discovery, Sharing & Reuse

By sharing (packaging and publishing) Modules to a Modules Server, they can be reused by teammates or colleagues company-wide or globally. Packaged modules make clear who maintains a module and under what license those modules are published. Read Modules Distribution in GeneXus for details.

  • Build times

Packaged modules, installed as Module References in the KB do not need to be generated again.


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