Creating smashing Mobile UX with GeneXus X Evolution 3

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Animations, new navigation styles, improved user controls, drag and drop and more design flexibility are some of the new possibilities GeneXus X Evolution 3 brings in order to create high-end mobile applications.



An app with animation features feels better. It helps the user to browse the app, suggests the gestures to use in order to get the most out of it. GeneXus X Evolution 3 added the possibility to animate Transitions. Transformations add smoothness, the possibility to, for example, rotate or expand controls in an animated way.

Drag & Drop

By dragging an item from a list of items (supermarket shelves?) and dropping it into another list or object (shopping cart?) the user shows the application his intention (to buy the item, for example). The application can then react to that intention, and this enables fast interaction between user and application. This feature is now not only supported in the Web but also in Smart Devices.


Cascade Navigation Style adds another navigation style to Navigation Style property. Call options enable you to set the target part when using Split Navigation Style or open an object as a Popup.

Design Flexibility

These features improve the Developer Experience (efficiency) and also to the User Experience (efficacy) of the app.

TV Azteca app: Design Flexibility in action

Improved User Controls

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