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GeneXus 9.0 Upgrade Course


Real-world entities as defined in GeneXus usually have a field that describes/identifies them. For the application's users, this field may be the one that identifies the entity. As from GeneXus 9.0, you are able to specify which attribute is the Description Attribute for each Transaction level. Tools like Patterns and GXPlorer take this information to improve the user experience.


The concept behind it is very simple, just think of the CustomerName of the Customer transaction or the ProductName of the Products transaction. See Description Attribute property for more details.

You can set them as description attributes as follows:

Only one attribute per level can be set as the description attribute. It may be a formula attribute.

By default, the first non-key attribute of the level whose data type is character (Character or VarChar) and that is not a foreign key is set as the description attribute. If all level attributes are keys, the last attribute of the level is chosen. There may not be a description attribute (either because no suitable attribute is found, or because the user explicitly chooses not to have one).