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Help Translation


Objects: All


As an addition to the translation scheme included in this version, all objects now allow you to define one help text for each language defined in the Knowledge Base (Language object).


When opening an object, the Help view should display the help information associated with the model's default language. To change the view, use the context menu or choose another value from the language selection combo box in the toolbar.



Object titles, variables, etc. included in the help are automatically translated. If a translation is available for the language, it is displayed. Otherwise, its description is used. They can be displayed as:
  • Title of the generated page, by using the "Include description as page title" generation option;
  • Link name, by including references to variables, attributes, or objects.


  • For each prototype/production model, if it doesn't have translation ("No translation" value for the Translate model property) the defined help will be saved according to the language associated with the knowledge base.
  • When a language object is deleted from the knowledge base, the help text of the associated objects is lost.
  • A conversion takes place from previous versions to the current one, as the single help text is replaced with a list of help files.
  • When the .chm file is not displayed correctly over a network, read Sac 18506
  • Help for attributes and variables follows the same considerations than object's Help.

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