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Practical Course: BlueSky Charters

At this stage you will learn the following features of this version and see them in action.
- Automatic translation

Part 4 - New markets: BlueSky Charters, originated in USA, it is spreading out to Latin America

The application that was generated in English must now be translated into Spanish so that the Latin America subsidiary can use it.
Therefore, the objective in GeneXus is creating a new 'Language' object based in Spanish, translate the texts (some of them) from English into Spanish and see the result.

Create a new prototype model bearing in mind the properties already setup in the original prototype model (you can do a Save in the File/Edit Model of the previous model and a Load in the File/Edit Model of the current one). Besides, setup the 'Reorganize Server Tables' property in its 'No' value to reuse the existing data.
Create a new Language object called 'SpanishUY'. In the properties, assign the 'Spanish' language to the 'Parent Language':

Setup the following properties in the model properties:

Translation Type: Static
Translate to language: SpanishUY

Specify all the objects with 'Full Specification'.

Enter to the SpanishUY lenguaje object and translate some of the texts, such as "Welcome to BlueSky Charters" (This text is in the 'Home' Web Panel).

Tip 1: with Ctrl F you can do a Find to search for the text.
Tip 2: right click / Show Reference language, select the Spanish language. Thus, you will see what messages will be inherited from it (a "Spanish Text" column will appear in the SpanishUY object edition).

After translating some of the texts, generate, compile, execute and enjoy your new BlueSky Charters version, now localized to use them in Latin America.

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