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The Rows property allows you to set the number of records to be loaded (in Web Panels) or the number of empty lines (in Web TRNs) in a grid or freestyle grid.
This property can be used at design time and execution time.


This property only applies to grids or freestyle grids with base tables.

Default values:

Object Value Comments
TRNs 5 Indicates the number of empty lines to be shown on the grid
Web Panels 0 (Unlimited) Indicates the number of records to be loaded in the grid

The 0 value in Web Panels indicates that there will be as many displayed lines as records resulting from the associated query.
The 0 value in Web TRNs indicates that there will be no empty lines in the grid.

At design time, you can change the value and view the number of lines that will be shown at execution time.

To allow the end user to enter lines one by one in a web transaction, you can set this property by combining it with the AddLines Method at execution time, as follows:

Event Start
    if &Mode = 'INS'
        Grid1.Rows = 1
    else    // &Mode = UPD / DLT / DSP
        Grid1.Rows = 0

Event 'AddLines'
EndEvent  // 'Addlines'

Then, the end user can press the AddLines button in Insert Mode to add empty lines one by one to the Transaction as follows:

Backward compatibility

The 0 value in Web TRNs indicates that there will be no empty lines in the grid. However, in GeneXus previous to 9.0 versions, the 0 value indicates that there will be the default amount of empty lines in the grid (this is five empty lines).


Languages: .NET, Java
Objects: Transactions, Web Panels
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Interface: Web

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