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URL access Property


Objects: Transactions, Web Panels (only when property Type = Component)
Languages: .NET, Java
Interface: Web


The objects defined as Components can be executed from the URL or can be invoked by another object using Create function. In general, the execution from the URL is used in development/test environments. Once the application is developed, it is not desired that Components can be acceded from the URL in order to be able to pass parameters like SDTs or Collections and code less security checks.
Configuring this property to No, guarantee that the Component could not be called from the URL, as result, you can implement better productivity and a more performant application.


The property only appears when a Transaction or Web Panel with the property Type = Component, and allows that this object will be executed from the URL or not.

Possible values:
Yes Web Component can be acceded via URL.
No (default value) It is not possible to access the Web Component via URL and the object does not appear in the Execution Dialog and the use of any type of SDT, Array or Collection parameters is supported.

Additionally, if the value of this property is No:
  • The use of any type of SDT, Array or Collection parameters is supported.
  • The use of call or link in the parent object will generate the specification error:
spc0008 Events (XX): Call to program YYY that cannot be generated.

If the value of this property is Yes, the use of SDT, Array or Collection parameters in Web Components will generate the specification error:
spc0068 This object does not support ' XXX' data type parameters (YYY)


  • If you have an object with a dynamic call and "Expand dynamic calls" property is set to Yes, the objects with property URL access = No, will not be included in the call tree of this object.
  • SDT or Collections are not implemented in C/SQL generator, in this case only Character and Numeric parameters are allowed.
  • If the value of the URL access property is NO and Web Component is executed from browser the following error is shown: "HTTP 404. The resource cannot be found."


Until GeneXus 8.0 version, Web panels or Web Transactions defined as Web components could be executed directly from the URL or invoked from other objects by call or link commands.
For this to happen in GeneXus 9.0 version, it is necessary to set the value Yes in the object property URL access.

By default the property URL access is No, in this case the following specification error will appear in objects that do a call or link to object defined as Components:

spc0008 Events (XX): Call to program YYY that cannot be generated.

Look at the information in the SAC 19888 if you need to change this value in a massive way.


  • The use of Array parameters is not possible

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