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Development Environment

Web Development and Improvements in user experience

(Productivity and Enterprise-level Application Development Features)

Ajax Overview, [[21759|GeneXus'>Ajax'>Ajax Overview, [[21759|GeneXus and Ajax]]

Business Components

Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean

Practical course: Bluesky Charters

Application Localization

Application Localization
Translation Tool
Help "in any language"
Practical course: Bluesky Charters


About this topic
Patterns based development
Built in Patterns
Work With Pattern
Demo: Work With Pattern
Practical course: Patterns

Better data model

Null handling optimizes navigations
Nulls property


User experience

New options on rightclick in win

Reverse Engineering

Database Reverse Engineering Tool

New Platforms

.Net Mobile Generator
More J2EE support than ever

Data Types and Methods

Message Queue handling data types

LDAP Data Type

URL access Property
New IIF function
New byte count function
New Methods for attributes, variables and enumerated domains!
XSLTApply Method
Procedures can now call web objects
Web Services: Grouping Locations
News about model, object, and control properties

Unofficial Content
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Goals and Objectives

This course will present GeneXus 9.0 version main new features and will allow putting them into practice simple and clearly.

The features are organized in sections, not necessarily disjointed or arranged in order of importance.

Some of them are accompanied with demonstrative videos that complement the explanations so that the students can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the topics dealt with.

Two practical courses are also included that will allow the students to have plenty of experience on the most important topics of this new version. The first one will be distributed along the course as the student goes forward in learning the features. We include a distributed KB called BlueSkyCharters in this practical course, with some already defined objects.

The features are grouped within the course mainly according to this practical course sequence.

On completing the course, you will have an overview of the most important changes introduced in the new version, and will be able to incorporate them in the development of your applications immediately.

Nevertheless, the reader should not believe that he will find everything that is new in GeneXus 9.0 in this course. The course presents just a group of relevant features, including the most important ones, so that it is brief enough to be read in a short time.
We suggest those who want to complete their knowledge on the new version to refer to the Release Notes, where they will find all the topics that are not dealt with in the course.

If you have any doubt or suggestion we will be pleased to receive it in the following e-mail address:

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