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Development Environment

Web Development and Improvements in user experience

(Productivity and Enterprise-level Application Development Features)

Ajax Overview, [[21759|GeneXus'>Ajax'>Ajax Overview, [[21759|GeneXus and Ajax]]

Business Components

Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean

Practical course: Bluesky Charters

Application Localization

Application Localization
Translation Tool
Help "in any language"
Practical course: Bluesky Charters


About this topic
Patterns based development
Built in Patterns
Work With Pattern
Demo: Work With Pattern
Practical course: Patterns

Better data model

Null handling optimizes navigations
Nulls property


User experience

New options on rightclick in win

Reverse Engineering

Database Reverse Engineering Tool

New Platforms

.Net Mobile Generator
More J2EE support than ever

Data Types and Methods

Message Queue handling data types

LDAP Data Type

URL access Property
New IIF function
New byte count function
New Methods for attributes, variables and enumerated domains!
XSLTApply Method
Procedures can now call web objects
Web Services: Grouping Locations
News about model, object, and control properties

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GeneXus 9.0 wiki


10/12/2005: GeneXus 9.0 is online!
10/12/2005: GeneXus 9.0 site is
28/12/2005: GeneXus 9.0 technical site
28/12/2005: GeneXus 9.0 Success stories - Casos de éxito con GeneXus 9.0

GeneXus 9.0 Overview

With GeneXus 9.0 you are able to build more with less, translate your applications easily and have more connectivity, while making your applications available on more platforms and providing better user experience!
GeneXus 9.0 lets you:

Main Features

Did you ever imagine you could generate the whole application just by designing transactions (i.e. the data model)? Use the predefined patterns or define your own, and let the Patterns build your application. More information...

Web Development
more features related to web development than ever have been added to this version.


  • Web client side validation: In this version, GeneXus generates client-side code (Javascript) in web applications using Ajax architecture. Many rules are triggered in the browser avoiding a roundtrip to the server! (And you don't need to know jscript...) For more information see "Improved User Experience for generated information" section below.
  • Master Pages: This feature allows you to define the general layout just once and not in every page. Main benefits are consistent look & feel, less coding, better performance. Just change the Master Web Panel and the whole application changes! More Information...
  • Blobs in Web Forms: Blob fields can now easily be displayed in the browser and uploaded to the Database! Just insert a BLOB attribute in the form and see how it works! More Information...



Improved User Experience for generated applications
A set of new features related to user experience have been added. In web: using Ajax architecture!
And all this without need of knowledge about how to code jscript, xml, etc.



  • Improved Client-side validation in web: It triggers formulas and gets inferred attributes after validating Foreign keys; user experience like a win application! Just generate again your KB and enjoy! More Information...
  • Suggest (intellitips) in win and web: Setting a property you allow the user this: he writes just some characters and the application gives him automatically the rest and/or suggests him the possible values!! More Information...
  • Input type "Values" or "Descriptions" in win and web: Avoid prompting for the possible values of the Foreign Keys! In the Invoice: enter the Client Name instead of the Client Id! Combine this feature with Suggest and you get incredible user experience. More Information
  • Dynamic combo boxes with filters in win and web: You can set loading conditions of a dynamic combo box. For example, the application filters in run time the Cities, showing just the ones from the selected Country. When you change the Country, the Cities are reloaded appropriately.More Information...
  • New charts: Get charts with a renewed Look & Feel and with more power and less requirements More Information...

New Platforms




Business Components
Want to use Transactions' Business Logic in other objects? Want to publish your Business Logic as Web Services or EJB? Use Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean

Application Localization
This version helps you to translate your Knowledge Base (your applications) fast and easily from any language to any language. More information...




Other Features



Concurrency handling: Additive Attributes
Some attributes, think on the ProductInventary in the Invoice, do not need to be included in the optimistic concurrency checkings because they are 'additive'.GeneXus automatically determines which attribute is additive!
More information...

Null handling
Enforce your Database design and forget about how joining must be done. More Information...

GeneXus .NET Publication Assistant
Deploy your .net win application with just one click!
More information

URL access Property
Don't let users access web components if you don't want and write less security code. More Information...

Message Queue handling data types
Build assinchronous applications integrate with them easily.
More Information...

File & Directory Data Types
Work with the file system using this types.

DirectoryDataType (GeneXus 9.0)

LDAP Data Type
Need to use role based security? Read whatever you want from the LDAP Server. More Information...

Update Rule
If you need to accept and update an inferred attribute in the form, use this rule. More Information...

Navigation and data access Improvements
Many features to improve the navigations give you more power and better performance.
Using Filters as Hints
Optimization for mass updates
Null handling optimizes navigations
Improvements to find() function implementation
Performance improvements: More accurate Selects. More information...
CLOB support in Oracle

Database Reverse Engineering Tool
Access legacy databases faster and easier. More Information...

Theme Object
New classes, new CSS features, more power. More Information...



More ....



Read more details in the specific sections of each generator, development environment, compatibility, etc.
Development Environment Specific Section
Java Generator Section
.NET Generator Section
Visual FoxPro Generator Section
Visual Basic Generator Section
.NET Mobile
Cobol and RPG Generators Section

Compatibility Section
Updating GeneXus Applications to Version 9.0

GeneXus 9.0 Release Notes - Table of Contents

- GeneXus 9.0 Japanese Edition Setup will be available soon.
- Visual Basic and C/SQL Generators are not available yet. Any news about them will be announced in the GeneXus news (

Support Resources

We invite you to participate in the GeneXus general forum and/or in the different thematic forums. For further information please refer to:

To access the assisted support, please refer to:

In addition to the traditional mechanisms mentioned above, remember that all the messages of the "Yi forum" (Beta testers forum of the GeneXus 9.0 version) have been saved and you can access them offline. For further information please refer to: GX90 Yi Forum as HTMLs

License Activation Process

This version requires GeneXus 9.0 FULL LICENSE KEYS. (The same type of keys than GeneXus 9.0 RC2). If you have no FULL LICENSE KEYS, please ask for keys using the "Authorize Online" option of the GeneXus License Manager or contact your Local Distributor.
1) FULL LICENSE KEYS are backward compatible. GeneXus 9.0 Keys enables you to use prior versions too.
2) Please contact your Local Distributor to get the purchased ones.


GeneXus 9.0 Setup
Release Notes
Installation Manual
Protection Server 5.1




Installation Steps




1) Download it
2) Uninstall any previous RC or beta version of GeneXus YI / 9.0
3) Install GeneXus 9.0
Note: This setup is a master setup which will install you all you need to develop with GeneXus 9.0: GeneXus 9.0, Patterns 1.0.1, Database Reverse Engineering Tool 1.0.1, GXpublic 9.6.11.

For more information see the GeneXus 9.0 Installation Manual


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