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GeneXus 9.0 Upgrade Course

New Triggering Events: Before


Objects: Transactions
Languages: Java, .NET, .NET Mobile




New triggering events have been added in order to support more sophisticate dialogs in Transactions.






The Rule syntax:





Rule [if condition] [on event ...] [level att ...];



event: Event or list of events separated by "," whose possible values are:



AfterValidate AfterInsert AfterUpdate AfterDelete AfterComplete AfterLevel
BeforeValidate BeforeInsert BeforeUpdate BeforeDelete BeforeComplete  


now supports the new triggering events:














Rule Triggering Order


When a Transaction has been confirmed, the events will be triggered in the following order:

  • BeforeValidate
  • Check Extended Table (Internal GeneXus triggering event; Refcall rules are triggered here).
  • Confirm data
  • Check Optimistic Concurrency (Internal GeneXus triggering event; Record modification and locking are checked in this event).
  • AfterValidate (first level)
  • BeforeInsert/Update/Delete
  • DB is updated
  • AfterInsert/Update/Delete
    • BeforeValidate Level
    • Confirm data
    • AfterValidate Level
    • BeforeInsert/Update/Delete Level
    • AfterInsert/Update/Delete Level
  • AfterLevel Level
  • DB is updated; the success message is displayed ('Data has been successfully added')
  • BeforeComplete
  • Commitment of the LUW
  • AfterComplete














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