Description Attribute property

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The Description Attribute is the attribute that best describes (or represents) a Transaction object. For example, in the Customer Transaction, CustomerName is usually the Description Attribute.

In web applications, the Description Attribute usually has a link to the View Web Panel.

A good description attribute must follow these properties:

  • Uniqueness. An attribute can be Description Attribute of only one Transaction.
  • Just one attribute. A Primary Key can be composed of many attributes, but a Description Attribute must be just one attribute.
  • Meaningful for users. E.g. CustomerName is better than CustomerId.
  • Not ubiquitous. Not all transactions have a Description Attribute.

Because of these properties, a Description Attribute is usually a Candidate Key.


  • There can be a Description Attribute per level.
  • Not all Transactions (or levels) must have a Description Attribute.


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