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GeneXus 9.0 Upgrade Course

Improved Tooltips


Until version 8.0, tooltips in functions, commands and rules were static. As from 9.0 version, tooltips highlight in bold the parameter being edited. This helps you when writing code, especially functions, rules or commands with complex syntax.


When typing a function, rule, or command, a tooltip shows the corresponding syntax. When you include one parameter, the tooltip shows (in bold) the next parameter to be filled.

Using Ctrl Space when writing code displays a "combobox" including the controls used in the form, datatypes defined, etc.


Suppose that you need to include a Serial rule in a transaction.

First of all, you insert the rule by writing it or adding it from the Insert/rule menu, where the tooltip shows the correct syntax:

You start to complete the syntax by adding the first parameter: CusCode. After inserting the comma, the tooltip highlights the second parameter.

Once the second parameter (LastCusCode) is included, the third one is highlighted until the end of the rule.



Considerations & FAQ

Including a Variable
When including a variable as a function, command or rule parameter, the Variable List is displayed:

If you select the variable with ENTER, the tooltip closes. However, if you select the variable with a comma the tooltip doesn't close and moves to the next parameter.