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BC - Implementation details

Call Browser: The call browser shows where the BC is used. The object using the BC (with a variable defined as the BC) appears as "calling" the BC and vice versa.

Specification: the Transaction Objects set as Business Components are specified twice.

Generation: In case that a transaction is set to Bc, the generator creates two entities:
  • A class with a similar logic to that of the transaction object, but without the user interface. This class provides the Load, Save and the other methods and properties specified above.
  • An "internal" structured data type that stores the data and interacts with the class. This SDT acts as a transaction form, and allows you to enter and read data. "Internal" means that it is not possible to edit it.

Both, the class and the internal SDT, are binding. When a BC variable is used an SDT and a new class instance are created.