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Text Block Edition


Languages: All
Objects: Web Panels, Transactions
Interface: Web


The in-line text block edition is disabled and a new option in the contextual Menu is added to modify it.


The text modification associated to a Text Block was done directly in the form.
From now on, the text blocks cannot be edited directly in the form, they are read-only and have to be modified using the Properties option of the right button contextual Menu.

Historically, the edition in-line of text blocks caused several problems at design and runtime.
Besides, several modifications done in the text (such as font, fill, color) were not taken into account in runtime.

Disabling the edition in-line the following benefits are obtained:

  • Simplicity: The modification of the propierties of the text block is done through the associated properties.
  • Uniformity: The modification of text block properties in done in the standard way (Right Click --> Properties).
  • Funcionality: the no edition of text blocks automates the translation of texts.
  • Minimize Errors: no modifications are allowed to be done in the Form, minimizing possible problems.


[2515] DesignThe contents of the control must be interpreted as a text or as HTML code.
[2516] DesignThe control is transparent or not.
[2517] DesignDetermine the foreground color.
[2518] DesignSpecifies the font, size and style to be used.
[2519] Runtime Changes the font to Bold.
[2520] Runtime Changes the font to Italic.
[2521] Runtime Changes the font name.
[2517] Runtime Changes the font forecolor.
[2522] Runtime Changes the font backcolor.
[2523] Runtime To Strikethru the text.
[2524] Runtime To Underline the text.
[2525] Runtime changes the font size.


Up to GeneXus 8.0 when using the Show Details formatting option, Text Blocks were shown as follows:

In GeneXus 9.0, the /span Tag is not shown.