Modules - GAM Integration

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When working with GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) in a Knowledge Base using Modules, the following restrictions must be considered.

GAM External Objects

GAM API external objects must belong to the Root module.

Permission Prefix property

The Modules feature allows creating two Objects with the same name in a Knowledge Base. The Permission Prefix property value is defined by default with the name of the object; therefore, two objects with the same name will have the same value for the Permission Prefix property. As a result, the security of these two objects will be managed as one.

In other words, the Permission Prefix property is not affected by the value of the Qualified Name property.

In order to differentiate the security applied to each object, the developer must change the Permission Prefix property of one of the objects. 
This is available as since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 4. See SAC #41346

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