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GeneXus 9.0 Upgrade Course

This course can be followed in any order, although we recommend the sequential order, since the practical part requires to be developed in this way.

In the different pages, the reader will find page sections that appear delimited by lines with the symbol. This indicates that, in a first reading, the student can ignore everything appearing in this section, because they are usually more advanced points, or more specific information that he does not need to understand in his first approach to the topic. It may also be information that was incorporated with the aim of providing the complete documentation, and that can be studied in a future specific consultation on the topic.

In the documents of this course, the student will find links to other documents within the course itself as well as links to the Wiki (web pages collection that can be edited by anyone, at any place or time, and that contains all the documentation of the current version).

The Release Notes and the documents of this course were elaborated based on our Wiki, which you can visit whenever you want at the following site: GX90RNIndex .

The course itself will have links to Wiki documents (that were not explicitly included in the course). To access these documents you must be connected.