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Practical course: Bluesky Charters

Following with the Part 1 (Entering data in Web Backoffice) of the practical course...

Blob on form

Execute the 'Charters' transaction and enter to an existing record and/or enter a new record. You will be uploading an image from the PC where the browser is executed to the webserver and from there to the database (this feature may not be noticed since in this case the components are executing in the same PC).

In GeneXus , in the prototype model, enter to the 'Charters' transaction to see the
CharterPhoto field, it is Blob with 'File Extension' 'JPG'. Creating this feature in GeneXus has been that easy!

Errors may occur when entering data if the blob properties are not well setup: one the moment you enter and the other the moment you retrieve data.

If you want, you can attempt to modify the blob so that the photo is not displayed inline (in the embedded window) and, instead, you have to follow a link to visualize it. And, what if you attempt to load and show a Word document instead of a photo?