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Practical Course: BlueSky Charters

Part 2 - Backoffice Standard Presentation

The objective is providing every object with a standard framework, a framework that will identify the objects with this application.

For this, you must create a Master Page with a form like the one shown below:


The form will have a 4-rows, 1-column table, as shown on the screen. Enter two Web Components, in the first and last row, and associate the PageHeader and PageFooter objects to each of these Web Components respectively. Note than both Web Panels have the "Components" value in their Type property.
Leave the second row empty for now.

If you want to associate this Master Page to all transactions and prompts.

To do it quickly, enter to the 'MasterStyle' transaction style and the web panel style with the same name and associate the just created Web panel to it in the Master Page property.

Do Build All, Compile & Execute, and note the result.

If, as a company standard, the program description appears in the web form itself, include it in the just created Master Page so that you will not have to include it in every object.

Create a text block in the second row of the table in the Master Page form and program the following in the 'Start' event: 'Program.Caption = ContHolder1.Pgmdesc', where 'ContHolder1' is the name of the 'Content Placeholder' control and 'Program' is the name of the text block. Note that you will not be able to change the text block caption inline, since this is now done through the text block Properties dialog.

Generate only the Master Page, compile and execute.