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Demo: Descriptions with autocomplete instead of codes

In the following video we'll change the InputType and Suggest properties of the CountryId an CityId attributes to see how to increase the user experience in orden to have not to rembember the codes of the foreings keys, but remember the descriptions, that are the attributes with the real semantic content.

Click here to see the demo... (InputTypeSuggest.html)

Althoug the change of these attribute properties was made editing them through the Customer Transaction's structure, it would be the same to have done it in any other transaction that conteins those attributes, because the definition is done at the attribute property level, insted of an associated control level inside a particular form.

Because of that, in the City Transaction the CountyId -which is a Foreing Key- will apear "disguise" too.

The reader could reproduce the video in a Kb with these well known transactions and try to see the effects of the changes in the rest of the transactions that involve those disguised attributes (using Edit/Create Default in the corresponding forms).