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In this section we'll study one of the most important new features of GeneXus 9.0, which increases development productivity at very high levels, ensuring the quality of the software obtained.

This is a big topic and there is much to say about it. For didactic reasons, we suggest that you follow the order specified in the index in a first reading. In that way you will obtain a useful overview of the topic without getting lost in details.

As we will mention shortly, there are three built-in Patterns (GX 9.0) implemented by now, of which we'll only study one: the WorkWith pattern.

You might want to read the other built-in patterns documentation just to know what they are about, or because you are interested. However, reading it is not necessary to familiarize yourself with this powerful tool (which is the purpose of this course).

In addition, there is documentation about how to implement your own pattern. This is a complex task that won't be addressed in the present course.

Note that each document contains links to other documents. Some of them are included in the course and others are exclusively in the Wiki and Release Notes. If you are interested in detailed knowledge about patterns, please refer to that documentation.

In the practical course you will have to follow the steps presented in the PatternsDescription page in order to instantiate a WorkWith Pattern