GeneXus Server 15 Release Notes

Official Content

Team Developing had never been so easy and efficient. GeneXus Server 15 brings better solutions and an enormous amount of new possibilities which are here to stay.

The primary target of the new version is making the Team Developing work even easier by adding new properties and functionalities which improve on a huge scale performance and security issues. These improvements allow developing and sharing better and faster than ever, giving an incredible power when working as a Team.

Also, a revolutionary new Console User Interface is available, improving the navigability and changing the User Experience completely.


GeneXus Server 15 can be downloaded from here

Main features

  • Elegance speaks for itself: New Console User Interface

GXServer New Console


  • Commit just a part of an object with the new option: Partial Commit



  • Have a greater domain on Pending for Commit objects using ChangeSets!



  • Do you want to know who, when and why someone had modified an object? Blame option is here to help you!



  • Tired of restarting an entire Update if only a single object fails? Try the new property Update behavior!

Update behavior


Other features

  • Don't waste your time anymore, try the new possibility: Concurrent Update and Commit
  • Faster Update and Commit operations
  • New object support: Color Palette. Also for the new theme: Carmine
  • The History of Images, Files, and Domains it's now available
  • Support for GeneXus Core
  • New dialogs at Console and GeneXus level
  • Important Security issues were solved by using the new GAM database version 4.0.1 
  • Visualization of SD Layout at GeneXus Server Console
  • Now, any revision of an object's history can be seen at the GeneXus Server Console
  • Display object's references
  • New Team Development menu tab: Activity
  • Role concept it's replaced by the Group concept.

Please see the following GX26 session which describes all the features present in GeneXus Server 15: Lo nuevo en GeneXus Server (Spanish only).


  • GeneXus Server instances without security (i.e., without Login) are no longer supported; the new installation process defines the security for the GeneXus Server instance. That means that you have to enable HTTPS on your web server by installing an SSL certificate.
  • Internet Explorer 9 or lower versions are no longer supported.