Improved Incremental Development with GeneXus 15

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Live Editing and Live Preview help developers accelerate the process of Designing an application. Better collaboration options, modules and a faster Build performance also help increase the speed of each development iteration.

Instant Prototyping: Live Editing, Live Preview, Live Inspecting

When you enable Live Editing, you see changes happening while you are editing. So you have your Editor of the GeneXus IDE side by side with app running in the Emulator or even right on the device, and while you edit .. you see the changes in the app. Furthermore, you can Inspect the result and change what you need right there in the IDE. 


More Information: Live EditingLive Editing in Native Mobile ApplicationsLive Editing in Web Applications

Faster Prototyping Cycles with Improved Build Times

Build times have been improved in many ways. In Android, a new build mechanism is used, compilation times drop from minutes to just seconds. In iOS, transferring binaries to the Mac has been optimized. Also, in .NET, all the SDTs are generated using code generation techniques that also allow much lower generation times. 

More Information: GeneXus 15 .NET GeneratorGeneXus 15 Smart Devices Generator

Using Cores and Idle time of the Processors

Multiple cores are being used to by default to get the most out of the computer. The default values are as follows:

  • Specifiers: #Cores/2 + 1
  • Generator: #Cores/2

Furthermore, objects are specified in the background by default too, once you saved them.

The default values for these properties can be changed at Tools / Options / Build.

Database Reorganizations

Several optimizations and improvements to reorganizations have been done. 

  • Changing a Char(x) attribute to Char(y) where y < x, has been optimized for SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.
  • iSeries:
    New value 'V6R1 or higher' in OS for iSeries version property. If your iSeries version is V6R1 or higher, set it to enable several improvements in Reorganizations. More information at SAC 40453.