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The aim of the GeneXus M project is to create a lightweight, cross-platform IDE for GeneXus.

It's lightweight because you require no additional software than your operating system and the IDE itself to start developing. It's cross-platform because it runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. 


Internally, GeneXus M's IDE is just the tip of the iceberg; the IDE you work with connects to GeneXus Services, which store the Knowledgebases, generate programs and databases, compile and also deploy them. 

An overview of GeneXus M has been presented at the #GX27 GeneXus Meeting. You can watch it in Spanish or English.

Community Technology Preview (CTP)

A CTP has been released on December 4th, 2017 to the GeneXus Tero Beta Testers community.

In this early stage, GeneXus M lets you develop Business APIs. 

Describing your business objects and queries is very easy. The language is declarative so you can focus on what you want to expose instead of worrying about how to do it.

The IDE connects to GeneXus Services that lay in the cloud and store there the Knowledgebase, build and deploy the Business API automatically, also in the cloud.

So GeneXus M, in this CTP, is plug&play! Try it out and be among the first users in the world of this outstanding technology. We will be waiting for your feedback on the GeneXusM channel at

"Although the first value that can be visualized from GeneXus M is the automatic creation of a Business API, perhaps the greatest advantage is the ability to capture pure knowledge, which enables a future reuse of knowledge in areas beyond the generation of the current technology trends. In other words, we can say we are programming in a future-proof manner." Gastón Milano, GeneXus CTO.

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